Your Family's Journey with ANNA

At ANNA, we understand that every autistic child is unique. Our goal is to offer a combination of assessment, intervention, and family supports that enables a child to be themselves while they learn and grow.
1. Book an Appointment
Get in touch with us so that we can learn a little bit about you and your child and what services your family is seeking.
2. Intake Process
Our intake process is designed to get to know you. This process includes an interview with the child’s caregivers to learn about their child’s development and understand the family’s reasons for seeking support.
3. Individualized Assessment
Our assessments, activities in which we aim to learn about your unique child, are designed to embrace their individuality. We use a combination of assessments to examine your child’s skills across important areas of their development such as self-care, communication, play, problem-solving, and social skills.
4. Intervention Planning
Each autistic child has a unique set of strengths and areas where they may benefit from support. Once we’ve completed the assessment process with your child and family, we will share what we’ve learned about your child's strengths and areas of support, and work with you to develop goals and an intervention plan for your child and family.
5. Intervention Services
Together, we will work towards your child’s goals. Our therapists will support these goals by working directly with your child at the clinic and by supporting you in learning strategies to use with your child at home.