Parent Coaching

As a parent, you are crucial to your child’s therapeutic journey! We believe in empowering parents to feel confident in understanding their child’s skills, helping their child develop new skills, and advocating for their child’s needs.

Our Approach to Parent Coaching

At ANNA, we use an evidence-based program called Project ImPACT (Improving Parents As Communication Teachers) to teach you strategies to support your child at home. This program, which includes hands-on practice with feedback from our clinical experts, offers parents practical strategies to build their child’s communication skills during everyday activities.

What Can I Expect from Parent Coaching with ANNA?

What Will Sessions Look Like?

In our parent coaching program, you will be actively involved in teaching your child new skills! You will meet with your coach for 1 hour each week to learn and practice strategies for engaging with your child and teaching your child new skills at home.

Collaborative Goal Setting

In your first parent coaching session, our clinicians will work with you to identify meaningful goals for your family and for your child.


This program will help you have more positive interactions with your child and empower you to teach your child new skills. You will feel confident in your ability to help your child learn and grow by incorporating these strategies into your everyday routines.

Flexibility and Individualization

We will work together to make a parent coaching plan that works for your family, including decisions about how long the program will last and where sessions will take place (in clinic, at home, virtual).